“Dr. explained all options and took a lot of time to show me other people’s various filler option result photos. The Botox procedure I was there for, was fast, relatively painless as they took the time to ice the injection sites prior to each one of the botox injections. I am considering going back for one of the filler options Dr. Istiban recommended in his consultation.”

Claud C.

“Just loved it. Dr Istiban took his time to explain everything I needed to know. I hardly felt any pain at all when the doctor was injecting the Botox. The place was very clean, nice and relaxing. I will definitely go back. Highly recommended!”

Johana A.

“Dr. was so calming and explained what was the proper treatment. Explained I might have swelling and bruising. Told me what to avoid until healed. Fatimah his assistant was so nice. Told me she was there to comfort me! So sweet. Won’t see full results for a few weeks but some areas are already looking great! Definitely a returning customer! Will recommend to friends.”

Linda G.

“I received 40 units of botox from Dr. Istiban in his first floor suite at the Strada 315 condo complex. The suite is stunning, immaculately clean, and the injections were pain-free. I will definitely be returning for followup treatment in three months.”

Richard H.

“As a seasoned veteran of dermal fillers, I have had many different experiences with the people injecting my fillers. I can tell you, hands down, Dr. Istiban was the most diligent person I have ever had. He took his time, he is a perfectionist, and I appreciate that. Other places will charge you double the money and spend half the time with you, but Dr. Istiban pays attention to your needs and will give you great results.”

Kristen H.

“The doctor and his assistant were extremely helpful, professional, sanitary and skilled. He took his time during my procedure and was excellent in managing my pain, which was minimal due to his use of numbing creams, etc. I will definitely go back. No wait…great free parking. I traveled from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, but it was worth the trip.”

Jennifer S.

“They were absolutely fabulous! I will definitely be going back! Didn’t feel a thing and very helpful, as well as being very informative!”

Jen T.

“Great experience. Dr was an excellent injector and really took his time. Already made an appointment for my next round! Would highly recommend.”


“I have never had a team spend so much time with me. They were very nice. I would definitely recommend them. Great little studio area they are in too.”

Jean E.

“Very relaxed atmosphere! Dr. Istiban and Fatimah were very nice, thorough, and professional. He made the procedure painless and effortlessly. I recommend him highly! Great work and experience overall. Great doctor!”

June D.

“Very professional. The doctor Described the process and showed the product. A very good Experience.”


“Thank to Dr. Instiban for your excellent work with me and Fatima for your excellent services.”

Enid M.

“I highly recommend Dr. Istiban’s work. His attention to details and perfectionism shows in every single patient he touches. I am very pleased with my jaw line results. That’s a true VIP experience.”


“I’m so pleased with the treatment I received from Dr. Istiban. He is very gentle and very professional! I will be coming back! Thank you!”


“Dr. Istaban is not only very skilled, but a caring specialist. He actually shows you the box of whatever was purchased, as well as the expiration date, and then opens it in front of you. A gem in this industry that has many cons using tampered, often subpar fillers. He is highly skilled and tender in any injections. I am very happy with my results and would recommend him to all my friends.”

Lise D.

“Most pain free, super professional assistant called Fatima who was in contact before, doctor was amazing – best experience I’ve had with Botox. Hope the results match the experience because I would love it to be my regular. As far as today 5 Star couldn’t ask for more.”

Nichaela H.

“As a seasoned veteran of dermal fillers, I have had many different experiences with the people injecting my fillers. I can tell you, hands down, Dr. Istiban was the most diligent person I have ever had. He took his time, he is a perfectionist, and I appreciate that. Other places will charge you double the money and spend half the time with you, but Dr. Istiban pays attention to your needs and will give you great results. He has great bedside manner.”

Kristen H.

“Excellent professional. I’ll go there again and I will recommend him to my friends.”

Maria C.

“I love my new face!!!! Thanks so much!!!”

Dee M.

“It comes down to one word TRUST. I came across Dr. Istiban in November 2018 . I saw him for Botox, something I was comfortable with and had before. His demeanor is like no other Dr. I have met-caring, patient, kind, friendly, a good listener, gentle, honest, professional, personable and a perfectionist. I was so impressed by him and comfortable with him that I decided to charter into unfamiliar territories-fillers. After losing a significant amount of weight and turning 40 I noticed wrinkles and facial volume loss so I discussed options with Dr. Istiban. He made suggestions but was never pushy. He also set realistic expectations. I was very nervous about fillers and afraid it would really alter my appearance. ..fearful of looking like a duck or chipmunk, etc.but the results at the skillful hand of the Dr. are remarkable. I have seen the Dr. three times for various fillers…I still look like me just a better version of me! I cannot say enough good things about him! He takes his time, you matter to him, he shows you the product, procedures are painless with little or no swelling and bruising. He is the only person I will go to. He is the only one I TRUST for these procedures. Please see him you will feel the same.”

Melissa B.

“Great experience! Very friendly and professional staff. Dr. Istiban took the time to explain everything and answer all questions. The injections where absolutely painless! Very skilled doctor! I got fillers and Botox and am very happy with the results. I will definitely go back and highly recommend Dr. Istiban.”

Katharina J.

“Dr. Istiban has a superior technique in injection. I have received Botox injections for over 25 years and countless from doctors and nurses and find Dr. Istiban to be far the best in his procedure in injections.  Painless and easy and quick and administered in a complete and thought out pattern to achieve the best results.  I would recommend Dr. Istiban to anyone interested in getting any type of injectable and also all other services he offers.  I am 62 years old and have been receiving treatments for more than 25 years and speak from experience.  Keep up the great work Doctor.”

Mark P.

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