Project Description

Botox Cosmetics

Reduces facial wrinkles by causing temporary muscle paralysis.

Regular Price: $11 per unit | Special Price: $9 per unit

Free touch-up (10-14 days after treatment only)

Dysport® available upon request

Uses for Botox and average number of units needed

Forehead lines 12-20
Frown area 12-20
Crow’s feet 12-24
Brow lift 4-8
Bunny lines (nose) 2-4
Gummy smile 4
Vertical lip lines 4-8
Corners of mouth lift 4
Chin 4-8
Masseter muscle reduction (jaw slimming) 40
Neck bands (neck lift) 30-40
Excessive sweating (axilla or hands) 40

Brilliant Distinction members are welcome.

Care Credit accepted (interest and fees free credit card if amount paid in full in 6 or 12 months).

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